Friday, October 28, 2011

Jonny and Carmen - Trash the dress shoot

Jonny and Carmen were really keen to get some of the shots they dreamed of getting on their wedding day (but obviously were'nt able to)  and I was super keen to have some fun with them and capture their honest, quirky and beautiful relationship. So the three of us along with Matteuz Sliwinski (the videographer) packed a picnic and set out under doomed clouds that threatened... and then delivered on their promise. It was heaps of wet fun, one of my best working days yet:) Thanks guys!

We spent about half an hour with all four of us squashed under one of the branches of the tree above while
a squall blew over times:)

Here is a link to the video by Matteus of the afternoon - it's great!

xx Tigs


  1. what a beautifully done shoot Tigs! Absolutely stunning imagery. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Rudi, they were such fun, I couldn't help but get good stuff :0)

  3. this is a beautiful shoot Tiggi. i would love to see your photos bigger they are so lovely. xLauren

  4. This shoot is spectacular - I have just become your new biggest fan!!!